Social Media Audit

Who Where

Channel/ Environment





Purpose/ Performance


1= Challenge

5= Opportunity

Company Instagram

  • Text
  • Links
  • Product pictures
At Least one post per day Drive to sales

  • Product previews
  • Links to websites


Lots of positive comments and likes


  • Text
  • Pictures
Less than 5 times a month Drive to sales

  • Links to website
  • Information about products


Less than 40 followers

Hasn’t posted since 9/13/16

Consumer Twitter

  • Comment
  • Questions
10- 15 times per day Seeking help

  • Negative Experience


No retweets

Few followers


  • Photos
  • Text
  • hashtags
3-4 times per week Praise

  • Positive comments


Lots of positive comments and likes

Competitor Twitter

  • Text
  • Hashtag
  • Links
  • Photos
5-10 times per day Drive to sales

  • Links to website
  • Product Previews
  • Info about Products


Lots of positive interactions


  • Photos
  • Hashtag
  • Links
  • Text
1-2 posts per day Product Preview

  • Product Photos
  • Hashtags
  • Info on product
  • Link to website


Lots of positive interactions

Home Brewed & Co: The Calendar

Home Brewed & Company

August 28- September 3

Sunday August 28th

Facebook: What’s a tailgating party without having cupcake flags. Anything from first down to touch down can be made after just one class with me and my staff. Join us this Thursday for everything you will need to make a memorable party for all your guests. Simply send a PM with the number of people you are bringing and we will see you Thursday!


Twitter: It’s not game day without your house filled with Home Brewed & Co decor. Order fast! #HBCo #WV

Instagram: Every little detail makes a perfect kick off party. Sign up on Facebook for a lesson in calligraphy to help you top of all your game day decorations! #CalligraphyWithMe #HBCo #WV


Monday August 29th

Instagram: I think we all know someone that can relate to this. No matter if you’re a football fan or not the season opener can be a great day for everyone! #HBCo #WV  


Facebook: Have you ordered all your home decor needs for this weeks season opener? If not order fast! We are having a one day sale on all existing items that are ready to ship. 20% off your order and FREE two day shipping to make sure everyone is set for game day. Now until 11:55pm Tomorrow!  #HBCo #sale

Twitter: Hurry! 20% off your order with FREE two day shipping now until tomorrow at 11:55pm! #HBCo #sale #GameDayEssentials

Tuesday August 30th

Facebook: Who is ready for a giveaway? Head on over to our Instagram account: homebrewedandco to find out more about how you can receive your own West Virginia Home t-shirt.

Instagram: CONTEST TIME We want to know what you love about West Virginia! Submit a picture to our instagram using #WVHomeBrewed and a paragraph of what makes WV #home for you. We will regram the top 10 choices and the one that gets the MOST likes will win a West Virginia Home shirt!


Twitter: Free stuff is the best stuff. Visit our instagram account: homebrewedandco for more info! #HBCo #giveaway

Wednesday August 31st

Facebook: We still have enough room for 5 more guests to join us for our calligraphy class tomorrow! It would be a great idea for friends to get together for some fun! Just PM the amount of people that will be joining you and we will see you tomorrow! Hope to see you there. #HBCo

Twitter: Tomorrow is the day! Join us to learn the art of calligraphy. Go to Facebook for more information.

Instagram: Join us tomorrow night at the Farmhouse Cafe!


Thursday September 1st

Instagram: This day is dragging, but good thing I have my favorite coffee mug to keep me going! Get your own at our website:

13395001_1639066823080546_1205577456_nFacebook: During our calligraphy class tonight we will be selling Home Brewed & Co coffee mugs that have been premade with multiple designs. We hope to see everyone tonight at The Farmhouse Cafe from 5-9pm.

Twitter: Coffee, Calligraphy, Fun tonight at The Farmhouse Cafe! #HBCo

Friday September 2nd

Instagram:  Casual Friday at the office so of course I’m repping WV. Can’t wait for gameday tomorrow! #HBCo #WVU

14278982_1581988078771173_404202603_nFacebook: Are you ready for some mountaineer football? Stop by our shop for your last minute Mountaineer apparel. We will be set up in the back room of the Farmhouse Cafe from 5-9pm.

Twitter: Tomorrow is the season opener! Who’s ready?

Saturday September 3rd

Instagram: It has to be true.❤️ #HBCo #goldandblue #WV


Facebook: Heading to the game! We will have a stand setup next to tent city with lots of Mountaineer apparel and accessories. 10% off for anyone with a student I.D. #HBCo #GameDay
Twitter: Today’s the day! Hope to see you at the field!

Home Brewed & Co: The Channels

Being a company that is directed towards a younger audience, being on the following channels are the best option for Home Brewed & Co to gain a better social media following. The following social media platforms would be the most profitable for the company.



Instagram is currently Home Brewed & Co best social media platform. Instagram is a great outreach. More than half of all 18-29 year olds are on Instagram daily. This is a great form to get their products out there with the great photo scheme they have going it can inspire others to create the same theme using their products.


Instagram also allows the company to see where their products are going. Being based out of Morgantown, most of their products incorporate West Virginia. Using the geotagging they are able to see where in the world their products are going and it could even help them to see where else they can market to in the world.


They could also create a branded hashtag to have customers tag their pictures with, allowing others to see the positive feedback about the product. Everyone enjoys seeing customers enjoying the product so having this feature could really benefit the company.


Pros Cons
The account is free. Could isolate the current target audience
It offers geotagging to see where the products are going to the most. Pictures may start to get old
The ability to use a branded hashtag to create a better view of different products Harder for people to stumble upon
Gives the opportunity to see consumers reviews of the product they take pictures of. Easily scrolled over
Ability to repost customer submitted photos




With Facebook being the most used social media platform, having an account is a must. With around 87% of 18-29 year olds having an account and 70% of them using it daily reaching the target audience would not be hard at all. HB&Co should take advantage of the wide amount of users online.

Facebook would be a great communication tool for customer service. Many people use the comment section on Facebook, by constantly keeping up with customer comments and questions it would generate a larger consumer ammount and keep a positive customer friendly atmosphere for new clients.


Using Facebook would also generate revenue from people all over the world in different age groups, because no matter who you are targeting you will pick up people that are from a different demographic that find interest in the product. Using facebook would widen their sales to anyone and keep them connected to their loyal customers.


Pros Cons
Advertisements can generate a larger audience Ads are not free
Keeps the account open to a wider demographic People can post their negative comments
Increased exposure It could become difficult for people to find the right account
It encourages people to like, share, and comment.
Allows the owner to keep in better contact with customers
Posts can be reshared, reaching the friends of those who do



Although it is currently not used as much as other social media platforms above, having a Twitter account is very important. Using twitter could be a great way for quick updates or replying to customers.


Twitter is a great place to generate a branded hashtag and keep it trending. It also allows the company to view anything someone has to say about a product or the store. Keeping in touch with consumers is one of the most vital parts of maintaining a company. A branded hashtag could also be incorporated in giveaways.


Pros Cons
Creating a branded hashtag can help keep track of customers comments and also get the brand trending Not as many users
A great platform for quick updates Only 140 characters per tweet
A great tool for responding to customers
Reaches a younger demographic


Home Brewed and Company paper edit commercial

Focus: The focus should be giving viewers a sneak peak of everything the brand has to offer. It should be a lighthearted video with bright sunshine and clean white house decorations. It should show how you can put your own personal touch throughout your house.

Issues: Some issues is that the brand is fairly new so they are lacking when it comes to advertisement

Audience: Most likely the viewers are going to be women from an age range of 18-29. They are college students with a love for the country-chic look.

Content points

  • Homemade
  • Personalization
  • Unique items
  • Offer classes on calligraphy

Brand: Home brewed and co has been in play for over a year know. They sell a number of items with hand painted calligraphy and incorporate West Virginia into some of the designs.

Audio Video
Playful music begins to play          0:00-0:03 Camera pans over the mountains in West Virginia (Wide shot)
Music still playing                                               0:03-0:08 Camera zooms inside a country home and pans throughout different rooms showing multiple items from the store
Music cont.                                     0:08-0:11 Camera veers off into a bedroom decorated “country chic” with flowers, a HB&Co globe and other calligraphy items
Music continues                                        0:11-0:14

“There it is.”

Camera goes to a eye view of a closet with hands frantically searching and then she pulls out a West Virginia home shirt and you hear her speak
Music continues                             0:16-0:19 Camera pans up on the girl just after she slips the sweatshirt on. Her hands release the bottom of the sweat and she walks out of the room
Music softens                                 0:19-0:23

“Hey, are you ready to go to the lake?”

Camera shows the girl walking into living room and shows a girl setting at a table writing calligraphy in a journal and she picks up a HB&Co coffee cup and takes a sip. The girl that walked in speaks
Music still soft                                0:23-26

“Yeah! Here’s your tea, let’s go.”

Girl jumps up and you see that she is wearing a HB&Co Lake hair don’t care shirt. She begins speaking while handing the other girl a custom travel cup and they walk out the door and close it.
Music picks back up                      0:26-30 When the door closes the camera pans to a framed chalk board hanging on the back of it that reads “Home brewed and Company,  Morgantown, WV”

Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

 Home Brewed & Co

Goal: Promote Sales & Maintain each account with different content

Objective 1: Maintain Twitter & get 1,000 followers by January 1st

  • Strategy 1: Create exposure for twitter on facebook
    • Tactic 1: Create a brand # & use it as a communication tool to interact with consumers using it.
    • Tactic 2: Cross post on Facebook about twitter and add the link to HB&Co Twitter account and add the brand #.
    • Tactic 3: Link twitter in the bio of every social media account
    • Tactic 4: Have a contest on Facebook that requires you to follow the Twitter account
  • Strategy 2: Keep up with twitter account
    • Tactic 1: Follow more accounts
    • Tactic 2: Post at least three tweets, of different content than other accounts, per day.
    • Tactic 3: Reply to any & all comments and messages
    • Tactic 4: Link twitter in multiple posts on each account.

Objective 2: Reach 1,500 likes on Facebook by January 1st

  • Strategy 1: Use Instagram to get people on Facebook
    • Tactic 1: Link Facebook in bio
    • Tactic 2: Post a picture that promotes a sale they have going on Facebook
    • Tactic 3: Give a “sneak peak” of a Facebook post on Instagram
    • Tactic 4: Have a giveaway that requires you to follow Facebook account
  • Strategy 2: Keep up with Facebook
    • Tactic 1: Post two or three times per day
    • Tactic 2: Create a promotion and ask people to share the post
    • Tactic 3: Post new content
    • Tactic 4: Reply to any comments and messages

Objective 3: Promote sales and maintain etsy

  • Strategy 1: Use Instagram to promote sales
    • Tactic 1: When posting an item include the price
    • Tactic 2: Include the link to etsy on each post so people know where to buy the item
    • Tactic 3: Post a picture of an item when the quantity is getting low
    • Tactic 4: Put the link to etsy in the bio
  • Strategy 2: Maintain etsy account
    • Tactic 1: Remove an item if it will no longer be for sale again
    • Tactic 2: Include a sizing chart
    • Tactic 3: link etsy when posting an item on any other account
    • Tactic 4: Update the account once a week

Objective 4: Maintain Pinterest and gain 200 more followers by January 1st

  • Strategy 1: Use Pinterest as a “behind the scenes” posting
    • Tactic 1: Post pictures or videos of calligraphy in the making
    • Tactic 2:  Follow more accounts
    • Tactic 3: Post at least once a day
    • Tactic 4: Link the all social media accounts to Pinterest

Branding Video

Artifact Uprising is a company that has been around since October 2012. This company makes photo books, prints, cards, wall art, and so much more. The company posted this video in October of 2015. It has received over 22,000 views.

The goal of this video is to promote the fact that everyone has a story to tell, no matter how big or small. It also encourages people to tell their life story and that making a photo book or just printing out photos of all their favorite memories will leave behind a legacy for their children to tell. The company accomplishes it’s goal because many people can relate to what the man has to say in the video. Which will also lead them to sharing the video with friends and family. It leaves you with a heart warming feeling and that is something everyone loves to have.

The video is telling the story 95 year old, Joe Bucholt. During the video Joe talks about a book he wrote twenty years ago for his grandkids. He wanted to share his story with his loved ones so that his grandkids will know where they came from and the life they lived. He reads a very heart warming letter that he wrote to his four grandkids, bringing him to tears. He explains in the video that he can not leave them money but, he can leave them with memories, pictures, letters, and stories that they have all heard about. It is a priceless gift.

At the end of the video it leads to a blank screen reading : Everyone has a story to tell. Tell on. and then it fades to their logo. This is a very grasping statement that goes along with their mission statement:

Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Bettered by a community of inspired storytellers. Driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell.

Tell On.